Electric Scooter Boost KIT with battery


This kit is suited for the GIO electric scooters, making your scooter bike go faster and further. The kit includes a battery, battery charger, and boost cable harness.

This kit is designed only for the GIO models below:

1. GIO PB710 350W and 500W

2. GIO Italia MK 500W (with Lead Acid batteries only, NOT lithium)

This kit can make your scooter go approximately 10-15 km/hr (6-9 mi/hr) FASTER and 25% FARTHER. The kit is easy to install, and takes just minutes. Kit includes: a 12V battery, a charger for the battery, and a boost wire harness.

The following link shows you how easy it is to install the kit (Installing on the GIO Italia is almost the same):

Installing scooter boost kit

Warning:  This product voids your scooter warranty and we are NOT liable for any damages it may cause.

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