Electric Scooter Boost Harness


This boost harness is designed for the GIO model electric scooters including the 350W and 500W Watt models. It can increase the speed and distance of your electric scooter.

This boost harness is designed for only the GIO model electric scooters below:

1. GIO PB710 350W and 500W

2. GIO Italia MK 500W (with Lead Acid batteries only, NOT lithium)

This boost harness can make your scooter go up to 10-15 km/hr (6-9 mi/hr) FASTER and 25% FARTHER, but you also need to have a battery and charger.  We sell the boost harness alone, and also as part of the Scooter Boost Kit.

The following link shows you how easy it is to install the kit:

Installing scooter boost kit

Warning:  This product will void your scooter warranty and we are NOT liable for any damages it may cause.

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